Model 106-PR-8702A ULC

Pressure Reducing Valve


• UL and ULC listed to ANSI/UL 1468, 1739
• Reliable diaphragm actuated
• Hydraulically operated design
• Stainless steel fasteners
• Class 150, 300 flanges, grooved and threaded
• Heat-fused red epoxy coating
• Available in globe and angle style

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    106-PR-8702A ULC Pressure Reducing Valve

    The 106-PR-8702A, which is ULC labelled and listed, is ideal for automatically reducing a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower discharge pressure, regardless of fluctuations in flow or inlet pressure. The valves are based on the 106-PG or A106PG control valves and are available in a complete range of sizes from 2 in / 50 mm to 8 in / 200 mm. In typical pressure reducing applications, the globe style 106-PR-8702A is often the preferred valve style.


    106-PR-8702A ULC Pressure Reducing Valve

    For more information on the 106-PR-8702A:

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