Model 106-PDV-A-10508A

Pneumatically Operated Remote Control Deluge Valve


• UL listed to ANSI/UL 260
• Reliable diaphragm actuated
• Hydraulically operated design
• ANSI class 150, 300 flanges and grooved ends
• Stainless steel fasteners
• Heat fused red epoxy coating
• Available in globe style, 3 in/80mm – 8 in/200mm

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    106-PDV-A-10508A Deluge Valve

    Singer Model 106 PDV-A-10508A Pneumatically Operated Control valve is based on the Singer Model 106 PG-UL Deluge main valve.

    The high capacity relay valve provides on-off position operation. The high capacity relay valve, using an independent air supply, either admits inlet pressure into the main valve operating chamber from the inlet of the main valve or releases pressure from the operating chamber. The pilot system is usually piped to discharge to drain (atmosphere).


    106 PDV-A-10508A Deluge Valve

    For more information on the 106 PDV-A-10508A:

    Download the 106 PDV-A-10508A Product Guide.

    Download the 106 PDV-A-10508A Operation Guide.